How to get from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA 2) to Kuala Lumpur City Center (KL Sentral)

One of the doubts on our experience to Kuala Lumpur was how we might get from the airport, Klia2, to the metropolis center, specifically to KL Sentral, the place our lodge was.

We landed at Klia2. This is a terminal that was made with the important aim of responding to the increase of the low cost companies, but it's nonetheless a vast approach to take us to the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur.
So, on this post, we can discuss in regards to the other alternatives of shipping from the airport to the metropolis center, because the station KL Sentral serves because the gateway to the metropolis and from there you'll be able to really transfer on your last destination inside Kuala Lumpur.

If your aircraft lands on KLIA and also you desire to journey to KLIA2, you'll be able to achieve this for unfastened and quick by way of the Free Shuttle Bus, which operates for unfastened and connects in simply 10 minutes among the NULL terminals.


This is absolutely the quickest choice for these who desire to get to the metropolis center. You can opt for up from KLIA or KLIA2 and it takes about 30 minutes at the direct path to KL Sentral if it truly is your destination after which we suggest choosing up KLIA EKSPRES.

However, you'll be able to also take the KLIA TRANSIT, which stops 4 times, in Salak Tinggi, Cyberjaya / Putrajaya, Bandar Tasik Selatan and the last, KL Sentral, for a complete journey of 38 minutes.
This is a really tender choice for a household trip. The trains are at all times very clean, have Wi-Fi that works properly (you must check in and, as with so many Wi-Fi services, we recommend you to input a password it's no longer the similar as that utilized in very very major services), and has a nice house for the luggage.


The first teach leaves a bit of earlier than 5 and the final close to 1h but, what we recommend right right here's to seek the advice of the special time on the site, as there would possibly be changes.

The charge for a journey from KLIA or KLIA2 to KL Sentral is RM55 for one trip, or RM100 for return trip, charge for adults, and RM25 for youngsters per journey and RM45 spherical trip. See proper correct here for special charges and low cost possibilities. It is doubtless to do the on-line acquire proper correct here in which, except permitting to be quicker while catching the train, provides entry to discounts on the acquire of tickets.

If you go with to acquire the tickets on the airport, you'll be able to achieve this on the KLIA EKSPRES ticket counter, or by way of those very simple to take care of machines, simply earlier than you board the train.

We go away the recommendation to attain the metropolis by this capacity of transportation, for you to attempt to sit on the proper area of the train, to method the metropolis and take pleasure in the privileged view that it might offer.

Bus - Skybus

Another choice to journey from Kuala Lumpur to KL Sentral is to take the bus, the Skybus. SkyBus transports passengers from Klia2 airport to KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur and Utama Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya, in a journey that takes approximately 1h15m.

This is a journey completed in modern, gentle buses, with area to delivery your luggage. There is not any risk to reserve places, so the rule is: the primary to arrive, go with the place to sit.

When traveling with children, that is a huge capacity of transportation, gentle and safe.

Ticket price

A ticket from Klia 2 to KL Sentral expenses RM12 (close to €2.5 or $3 USD) but there may be the risk of shopping for the ticket on-line (see proper correct here SkyBus website) and print the ticket at house or, in the event you journey by Air Asia, you'll be able to buy tickets to the on-board team. If you want to acquire them in your arrival, you'll be able to make the acquire while you input the bus.

If you buy your journey from the SkyBus website, or in the event you arrive on the airport by way of Air Asia, you'll be able to buy your ticket at a discount, so that you'll be able to have a few discounts keep a few money.


SkyBus works each day of the year, with out exception. On how one can KL SENTRAL, throughout the top hours, buses depart at 15-minute durations and, backyard top hours, depart at 30-minute intervals. You can see the schedules of 2018 proper correct here but, to be certain of the time.
Bus schedule from Klia 2 to KL Sentral

 Bus schedule from KL Sentral to Klia 2

How to take the bus
It's very simple to capture SkyBus. After passing by way of the alfândela, it is going toward the exit, passing by way of the purchasing area. Then take the elevator and pass down to Level 1, at all times following the indicators and also you possibly can really discover the Taxi and SkyBus counters. Then head for the well-signposted port 2 and also you may see the SkyBus red bus, that you ought to pass to.

Taxi is all the time a gentle option, which has the benefit of taking us to the precise area of our destination. At Klia2 exists the danger to take the Taxi throughout the 24 of the day and, its cost works with taximeter, purpose why can range according on your last destination, as properly simply due to the fact the variety of Taxi, as it adjustments according to the nice of the car. Although no longer a precise price, as it relies on many factors, the expense of a experience from Klia2 to KL Sentral might expense round RM80.

This isn't the quickest method to get to the city, the educate is quicker but, it has the advantage, as stated above, to depart us on the door of our destination. It also has the benefit of permitting no less than 3 passengers, that may well make the experience extra economical for a household of 3, and even 4. Just be cautious to see if the taxi has the means to hold all of your luggage, since in a few instances of funds taxi, the carrying means of luggage is reduced.

As for journey time, it all the time relies much of the last destination and the visitors but, to the middle of the city, will all the time be about one hour's journey.
How to get the Taxi
As with the SkyBus, it's also very simple to get a taxi. After the customs, cross toward the exit, passing by means of the purchasing area, get off the elevator to Level 1, at all times following the indicators and truly see the counter with the indication Taxi. Then comply with the directions.

Grab Car

If you've got cellular information and a smarthphone, you'll have the ability to seem to be for cheaper alternatives than Taxi to make your route.

You can obtain these packages at house and it's even likely to carry out simulations of the fee you may pay till you attain your last destination.

The benefits are the similar simply due to the fact the Taxis, but  for a extra cut down priced price. Its most interesting for these who've web on the go out of the airport and, preferably, that may occupy the car to the maximum, simply due to the fact the extra people, the decrease the expense per person.

A phrase for Uber. You won't be capable to make use of your app in Malaysia, feel it has cease operating in that nation in 2018.

Which one ought to I choose?

Well, proper the following we cross to the enormous question, what is the finest option? Of course this at all times relies on a few factors, and in every of the ideas there are benefits and disadvantages. The KLIA EKSPRES is definitely the quickest and most smooth method to get to KL Sentral station, which then permits you to attain any destination within the city. Besides being very fast, it permits to keep away from any issues hooked up to the visitors but, it's certainly a dear option.

If for a solo vacationer it may be a nice option, for a household of 3 or four members the worth could be very high, being that, though extra time consuming, a car experience within the ideas we talk is a lot cheaper and a nice choice to house extra folks and lead as lots as your destination door.

The one we decided to pick was the SkyBus, and it was for the fee challenge (the least expensive of all), but in addition as it was proper subsequent to our hotel, discovered within the prompt neighborhood of KL Sentral. The experience is quiet, comfortable, secure and fully recommendable for a household experience with children.

We wish this put up supports you intend your household experience to Kuala Lumpur. As always, we go away the request to test with official websites for up to date costs and schedules, as there may be at all times the danger of modifications with out we having had time to make the imperative changes. These costs and schedules consult with the primary half of 2018.